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We Will Setup A Done-For-You Recruiting System For Your Dealership

We'll build for you an end-to-end recruiting system that brings in new candidates for your dealership predictably, consistently, and affordably.


Account Management

From finding candidates to scheduling in-person interviews our team will do everything for you prior to an in-person interview

Ads Paid For By CarGuys Inc

Don't spend thousands advertising on job board sites, our team of marketing experts will run & pay for ads on multiple platforms

Ads On Job Boards

We run all ads under the CarGuys Inc name which will result in more applicants due to the dealership name, location etc. not being posted.

Account Management Rep

As soon as you sign up you will be given an account rep. They are able to post jobs for you, offer post interview follow up, conduct in-depth conversations on campaign results.



When it comes to recruiting you need a consistent marketing strategy that brings in candidates consistently, and affordably so you don't have to worry about whether or not you will get applicants.



Our team puts together a social media campaign that attracts additional candidates.


Within hours we launch a full marketing campaign to start collecting applications

Finally, An Ad Strategy That Makes Sense

There are unlimited avenues that you could use to attract candidates. Such as, social media, job board sites, videos, images, and more. Let our team do the hard work & create an ad strategy that works.

Candidate Sourcing Done-For-You

Candidate sourcing is a time-consuming part of the recruiting process. It involves manually messaging candidates on social media, going into job boards and inviting candidates to apply, and tons more. Our team will do the work for you.

Inviting Candidates To Apply

Once your campaigns are running... Our team of candidate sourcing experts will go into different job board accounts and invite candidates to apply that match your hiring profile

Social Media Outreach

Our team of candidate sourcing experts send messages to candidates on sites such as Linkedin, Facebook, etc. That fit your hiring profile

Increase Applications

Our team of sourcing experts daily focus is to increase applications for your dealership's jobs.


Applicant Pre-Screening Done-For-You

Tired of spending hours reaching out to candidates to schedule interviews, and doing phone interviews? Our team of recruiters can save you hours.


Resume Pre-Screening

Once our team starts receiving applications resume's will be pre-screened based on criteria that you provide to us

Text Message, Email, Phone Call Outreach

Qualified applicants will then be contacted via text message, email, and phone calls.

Interviews Scheduled On Your Calendar

Once our team makes contact with a qualified applicant an interview will be scheduled on your calendar & the resume will be sent to your email


Use our dashboard to track your entire hiring process & candidates. Get access to candidate profiles including resume's, notes from our team, and more.


Monitor Our Team's Activity

You're busy, we get it. Our dashboard gives you a simple one page view of our team's activity so that you can make sure you are consistently getting applicants in your pipeline.

Hiring Pipeline

Keep track of all stages in your hiring process such as "In-Person Interview Scheduled" , "Hired" "No-showed interview" and more.

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Simplify Your Dealership Hiring Today

Try our done-for-you dealership recruiting service today.

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