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Exclusive Offer For: Car Dealerships, RV Dealerships, and Powersports Dealerships

Get Qualified Job Applicants Guaranteed For ANY Position Or You Don't Pay Us Anything...

Yes we're serious, and no we haven't lost our marbles. Read on to find out more about this truly limited offer.


Be quick! FREE spots are almost gone this month...

Join 400+ dealerships & automotive groups using CarGuys Inc.

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Get All Of This When You Sign Up Today!


Job Ads Written For You

Job Ads Launched For You!


Follow-up to applicants done-for-you!


Live Dashboard To Track The Entire Process

Dedicated Account Manager Support


Collect Resumes And Build A Database Of Talent!

Fill Out The Form On The Next Page And One Of Our Team Members Will Reach Out To You Asap!

Why Spend Thousands On Job Board Sites That Deliver You Unqualified Applicants?


#1 Largest Automotive Recruiting Platform in North We've Got the Data and Experience

Finding qualified talent is complex, but we’ve cracked the code. Our specialized background in the automotive industry allows us to deliver you the job applicants that you need. Our System works 24/7 to generate qualified applicants, and automatically communicate / follow-up to get them scheduled for interviews.

Get Qualified Job Applicants Guaranteed

We are not like most job board sites or platforms out there. With the CarGuys Inc platform you only pay for qualified job applicants.


Dashboard That Does It All.

No more using 10 different programs and logins to hire. The CarGuys Inc dashboard allows you to receive your job applicants, text message, email, and schedule interviews from 1 single dashboard.

Why Should You Work With CarGuys Inc?

Let me guess, you are probably thinking to yourself.... Why should I do business with this company, making such a bold claim?

Look, we get it. Vendor fatigue is real. There are a million different vendors out there trying to sell you on the latest greatest thing. A widget for this, a program for that. Or the classic, switch to us and "we can save you money" approach.

That is why, 3 years ago we set out on a mission to create the #1 solution for automotive recruiting. One single platform that you can login to for all of your recruiting needs.

With our platform you are able to get qualified job applicants guaranteed, communicate with your applicants via text message, and email, setup interviews in minutes, and most importantly... Hire people faster.

At CarGuys Inc. We Handle Everything.

- We write job descriptions that are hand crafted by our team of experts to get a job applicant from not interested... To begging for an interview.

- We launch ads across 10+ different sources such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and more.

- As applications come in they are put through our proprietary screening process which weeds out all of the tire kickers or people who flat out don't qualify.

- All qualified applicants are put into our software which allows you to review the resume, text, email, schedule interviews in minutes, and track your entire hiring process.

Don't Get Ripped Off By Headhunters...

When it comes to recruiting, there is a huge problem right now.


Headhunters that promise you the world and claim that they have some sort of special process to find you the best talent.

Newsflash, they don't. They are just telling you anything you want to hear so that you will pay them $15,000 or more to hire someone that you could have found yourself.


In the end, you wait weeks (or months) to get someone hired and you have ended up paying tens of thousands just for that person to quit in 6 months and you have to start the process over again.


What if there was a better way?

Build A Database Of Talent That You Can Access Anytime You Want.

I will let you in on a little secret. Everyone in the industry keeps talking about how "difficult" it is to find and hire good talent (especially technicians).

It's not.

Imagine if 2 years ago you had collected every single resume from a technician who applied to your jobs on job board sites, or that has walked in and filled out an application.

You would have an entire database filled with people that you can start conversations with.

That is the power of what we provide to over 400+ dealerships nationwide.

Someone quits? Login to CarGuys Inc, click one button to send out a text blast / email blast and setup interviews instantly.

Worried someone might be looking for a new job? Don't worry you have 200 applicants waiting for you to contact them.

Need Proof? These Are Just A Few Of Our Clients...



Mark Sweeney Buick GMC.

"Hired 5 Technicians. Thank You For Your Outstanding Performance And Helping Us With Our Issue."

Automotive Service Manager At Mark Sweeney Buick GMC.


Charles Back

Service Manager At Mark Sweeney Buick GMC

Learn How 400+ Dealerships Nationwide Are Recruiting Talent

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