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Automotive Industry Exclusive Job Board

Dealership Hiring Made Easier - Our Automotive Industry job board helps you connect with qualified talent faster, and easier.


Dealership Hiring - Made Easy

Easily build a pipeline of potential candidates for your dealership using our powerful tools.

Candidate Emails and Phone Numbers

Access candidate profiles complete with emails and phone numbers. Leverage our tools to build your contact lists

Resume Access

Candidate profiles also include their resume so that you can review their experience to determine if they would be a good fit for your company.

Advertise Less, Hire More

Stop spending thousands on job board advertising... Our Automotive Industry exclusive job board allows you to find who you need so you can get back to running your business.


Accuracy You Can Count On

With highly accurate candidate such as phone numbers, emails, and resume's. Our Automotive Industry exclusive job board will help you connect with candidates faster.


Connect Directly With Candidates

Access candidate profiles complete with emails and phone numbers. Leverage our tools to build your contact lists

Data Verification

When a job seeker creates a profile on our site they put in their phone number, email, and resume. Our team uses the software daily to verify the accuracy of the information.

Reduce Your Time To Hire

Spending weeks to hire one person is unnecessary. With our tools you are able to connect directly with candidates to hire faster.

Advanced Candidate Sourcing

Have In-House Recruiters for your dealership or automotive group? Leverage our advanced candidate sourcing tools to invite candidates to apply for your jobs

Invite Candidates To Apply

Whether you want to find someone local or in another state - use our advanced sourcing tools to invite candidates to apply to your posted jobs.

Manage Your Team's Activity

Our dashboard will tell you whether a candidate has already been reached out to so you don't waste time.

Active Candidates

Don't miss out on opportunities... Use our advanced search tools to see which candidates are currently active on the platform so that you can immediately reach out to them.


Track Your KPI's

Every good recruiting process needs accurate KPI's... Use our dashboard to track your pipeline & teams activity such as number of applications, job post views, invited candidates, and more.


Monitor Your Team's Activity

You're busy, we get it. Our dashboard gives you a simple one page view of your team's activity so that you can make sure they are hitting their targets.

Transparent Analytics

Keep track of all your KPI's such as messages to candidates sent, job post views, number of applications, and more.

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Simplify Your Dealership Hiring Today

Try CarGuysNation Job Board Today.

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